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The Freshmen Fifteen

The Freshmen Fifteen

$9.99 On Sale!

The Freshmen Fifteen showcases 15 comics by 24 writers and artists. That’s The Freshmen Fifteen, not The FreshMAN Fifteen. Because, for the most part, this is their freshman effort at making comics. All but a few of their number began this beguine as first-time comic writers, artists, inkers, letterers, designers, and editors.

So they’re the freshmen, and this is their fifteen--printed together in black-and-white comprising a 130+ page comic anthology. It’s a world of bastard genies and idiot dads, junkies and junklords, and at least one yonic bird-monster. So come along on their maiden voyage before they all grow jaded and start suing each other.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we can't accept any orders from outside of the US as of yet, but if you're REALLY interested in getting a copy, please email us and we'll work something out. Thank you.

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